Too tall, too short, muscles too big, boobs too small, tattoos, skin color, scars, stretch marks, too heavy, too thin, etc. In this industry I get to hear it all, all the time. Once in a while though I get to work with women that are comfortable in their own skin, happy to be who they are, exactly how they are, and it is truly a wonderful thing. It’s hard to hear the expression of a negative body image and harmful self talk. I truly believe all women are beautiful and I try to capture that every time I’m behind the camera.


– Thanks to Taylor Cebuly and Taylor Tullis for the title of this picture. I borrowed it with permission from a conversation we had about this exact subject.

– Thanks to Ami and Amanda of City Salon for the use of the location.

– Most of all, thanks to the beautiful women in this picture and in every picture I’ve taken and will take for sharing a little bit of your beauty with the rest of us.