This Too Shall Pass

It’s tempting when creating a video like this to include a lot of secondary or stock imagery to back up or support the feeling that you are trying to convey.   This one has none of that.  Clara Mongoose and I recorded about a dozen takes last night with two different cameras and a spotlight.  I loaded all of that footage onto my PC this morning and edited out everything that was not what I was wanting to get across.  What we are left with is a one minute video that I hope moves you.  Makes you remember what it is like to get caught up in your own head and how tortuous we can be on ourselves.  If this is where you are right now please remember that it will pass.  For me, sometimes it helps to help another person.  To get out of my own head and lend a hand to another soul in their time of need.  Take care.  Craig


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Valentine’s Shoot

Valentine Shoot ! I still have time if you do! I can accept two (2) more “Bare as you Dare” Valentine’s Shoot and still have a 16 x 20 print to you as a gift for the 14th if shot by no later than the 11th. The looks are up to you. Boudoir/Lingerie/Nude/or come as a couple !!
Ladies this is a cool gift for your man. Trust me!
Men you could buy the shoot for your lady and she can choose when she wants to do it because you know that you haven’t bought her anything yet and this gift shows a little originality from you for once
Message me here with any questions and the first two deposits of $100 holds the spots.


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Shooting Mental Illness

The video can be found here.

Shooting Mental Illness – I wanted to thank DT O’Rear for asking me to do this, for the privilege of doing this. The WHY is summarized beautifully by a close friend and witness to the event Shari Nettles.

– Posted by Shari “Thinking on yesterday’s shoot of DT O’Rear by Craig Gum. I was not there in photographer capacity, though I did take a couple of shots of Craig and Trent as they made art. I was there for moral support because the shoot was very emotional and difficult. Trent was recently diagnosed with mental illness and has been seeking help and the shoot’s concept was for him to sit and talk about that, and his journey, so it could be shared with others, so the monsters could be brought out into the light. And as with anyone who has had to struggle with that, there were tears and there was rage and remorse, and guilt, and pain. It was incredibly powerful and it was an incredibly brave thing to do, to sit exposed and let someone document the inner demons most of us have struggled with. I was sitting next to Trent in this shot and saying some rather harsh things to him, I did it a couple of times during the shoot, pushing him to go farther, deeper. With his permission, of course. The shoot was a combination of video and stills and I cannot wait to see the results. On top of what I know is going to be a powerful and moving piece of art, I think it can serve as a tool for those still struggling in the dark. A beacon. You are not alone. Thank you both so much for letting me be a part of that. I’m honored and still moved.”

The video can be found here.

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