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In the light of the candles

In the light of the candles

March 24th, 2015|0 Comments

to reach me

Not sure what the issue is but I cannot log into my fb account at all.  I had to take a picture of my id and send it to them.  My photography page is active but I cannot get to it.  It’s rough considering I do a lot of my business using it.  So, I apologize to anyone trying to message me.  You can reach me at or text me at 423-298-1943


Apologies,  Craig



February 24th, 2015|0 Comments

This Too Shall Pass

It’s tempting when creating a video like this to include a lot of secondary or stock imagery to back up or support the feeling that you are trying to convey.   This one has none of that.  Clara Mongoose and I recorded about a dozen takes last night with two different cameras and a spotlight.  I loaded all of that footage onto my PC this morning and edited out everything that was not what I was wanting to get across.  What we are left with is a one minute video that I hope moves you.  Makes you remember what it is like to get caught up in your own head and how tortuous we can be on ourselves.  If this is where you are right now please remember that it will pass.  For me, sometimes it helps to help another person.  To get out of my own head and lend a hand to another soul in their time of need.  Take care.  Craig


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