A new cinemagraph – This has been fun to learn, I’m finding new and better ways to go about this, so I expect these will get better and better as we go. You have to click on the picture to see the effect. Also, let it run for a moment, once the file runs all the way through it gets up to the intended speed.

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This is a very special picture, you HAVE to click on it for the effect to take place. Thank you Talyr!

In the light of the candles

In the light of the candles

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to reach me

Not sure what the issue is but I cannot log into my fb account at all.  I had to take a picture of my id and send it to them.  My photography page is active but I cannot get to it.  It’s rough considering I do a lot of my business using it.  So, I apologize to anyone trying to message me.  You can reach me at Craig@CraigGum.com or text me at 423-298-1943


Apologies,  Craig



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