1. Working on the lighting scheme. My first thought was to make this a creepy shot so I used overhead lighting to cast dark shadows under the eyes, lips, jawline. You can see how the wires were put together. I threaded about 20 separate lines thru a piece of red foamboard to a ball at the other end. I knew the ball was going to end up in Nina’s mouth to pull the lines straight so I asked her before the shoot (and before telling her what I had in mind) “How’s your gag reflex?” That got several laughs.

2. Test shots with Nina before adding flour to the mix, testing the concept of pulling the lines and holding poses. Notice that the lighting is not working on the lines closest to her mouth and not lighting up enough of her hair and body. At this point we are working on poses to reflect terror and surprise.

3. Flour added to Nina and her hair. Added a second 30 degree gridded strobe behind Nina to camera right to light up her hair and add a little more visibility to the wires closest to her mouth.

4. Brandy adds flour to the wires and Nina gets in position to pull and pose.

5. Nina just kills these poses. Pulling backward and remaining in character for each shot. At this point we had switched from terror and surprise to dominant and forceful poses. This shot was very nearly the one we used but we did a few more just in case.

6. The actual shot we posted was a “Happy Accident”. As Nina pulled backward the red foamboard snapped loose of its base and came flying at her. The truly amazing part is that Nina still held character, she is a true pro let me just tell you, and I didn’t flinch. Triggered the release and we had a one of a kind shot. I looked at the back of the camera and was AMAZED at what I saw. Passed the camera around to Thomas, Nina, and Brandy so they could see what had been recorded. There was obviously nowhere to go from there, and no way to beat that shot so it was a wrap and time to eat some ribs and chili (no need to discuss the chili)