My thoughts, experiences, and things I overheard at last night’s gallery opening for Exploring the Shadows.  (Pics at the bottom of the post)

1. I did not expect that many people, at all. Waves of people would flow in at regular intervals. I stepped outside a few times and had to wait in line to get back in.

2. I really got a buzz every time I’d spot someone in a group frantically trying to get their friends attention while pointing at one of my images and making a beeline over to get a closer look. 8 out of 10 times it was to see “Proceed With Caution”.
3. The most common exclamations were “Oh My God”, “That is amazing”, “Do you think that’s real?”, and “I love this one”. None of these were expressed to me as most had no idea they were my pieces at first and that made it even cooler.

4. My favorite comments said to me or that I overheard. “That picture gave me a physical reaction, look at the goosebumps on my arm”, “this is very disturbing but I can’t stop looking”, “if I hung these pieces in my living room, the conversations we have there would never be the same”, “I could hang that over my television and stop paying for cable”

5. It was very surreal watching so many people taking pictures of my pictures. I cannot begin to guess how many phones have my images on them now. Some of them took a lot of effort to frame their shot out perfectly, many took selfies in front of their favorite, I was even told “excuse me!” so I would move out of the way so they could get a better shot. Some of the picture takers were embarrassed when I handed them a card and introduced myself but most seemed very excited to meet me.

6. My little lady Brandy is quite the salesman. Eleven people bought prints from her and only one from me, she sold two right of of the wall.

7. I had an amazing time meeting and greeting so many people. I know with certainty that I have many new fans and a pocketful of business cards of models and artistic people that want to work with me.

8. I want to thank all of my friends who made it out last night and for those that couldn’t there is always next Fridays show!

9. We were named as one of the top 10 things to do in Atlanta.



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