The photos from the following charity event, just this past Saturday, were staged/shot/edited and posted at nearly real time to encourage guests to view and purchase prints to benefit Nucci Space.

Athens Business Rocks


The following is an example of precise and technical video editing done within the horror genre, which is one of the most difficult categories to produce.  It’s tempting when creating a video like this to include a lot of secondary or stock imagery to back up or support the feeling that you are trying to convey. This one has none of that. Clara Mongoose and I recorded about a dozen takes with two different cameras and a spotlight. I loaded all of that footage onto my PC  and edited out everything that was not what I was wanting to get across. What we are left with is a one minute video that I hope moves you. Makes you remember what it is like to get caught up in your own head and how tortuous we can be on ourselves. Clara was going thru a horrendous breakup and this project allowed her to step out of her thoughts for a moment and emote her true feelings.  For me, sometimes it helps to help another person. To get out of my own head and lend a hand to another soul in their time of need.

This too shall pass


Next is a video involving still frames within video I created for one of my client’s wedding/family reunion

Lynette and John


Another up beat video with still frames of babies first year..


Lastly a video that shows off why I am one of the most sought after photographers in model photography.  Many of the images you will see have appeared and been featured in galleries, exhibitions, and print.  While the content may not be for everyone, no-one will deny the creativity and technical expertise it takes to create this body of work.

Photography work


Links to photographers at my studio.  The studio itself has a dozen different talented photographers and videographers and is sponsored by Paul Buff who is the producer of Alien Bee lighting and Paul Buff photo products.  Notable mentions of the members include a sponsorship by Instasize (parter of Instagram), a graduate of Rhode Island technical institute (a prestigious graphic design school), Building Engineer & Social Media Marketing at Georgia Gameday Center,  AThens Town and Gown photographer, and I could go on and on, those are just the highlights of the following three members.