Behind the scenes of the  making of the bunny calendar.

Please don’t share this link as it is only for those who have purchased the calendar, and thank you for doing  just that!  I have a few pics here to get the page started but I struggled putting them up.  I don’t want to give away too much about what will appear in the calendar but I want to post something for you all.  Up to now I haven’t been focused much on the BTS pictures but rather getting in and getting out of the locations that we have shot in so far.  It’s been quite a lot of fun doing this but it is a hectic schedule.  On day 1 we visited 3 different locations around Athens, pulling gear out of the car and toting it in and then comes the light setup and poses.  So, I’ll try to do better getting some BTS stuff going forward  🙂

_DSC9070-Edit-Edit _DSC9102-Edit CraigGumPhotography-1 CraigGumPhotography-2 CraigGumPhotography-3 CraigGumPhotography-4 CraigGumPhotography-5 CraigGumPhotography-6